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July 05, 2022, 06:41:29 PM
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Author Topic: Jyles vs. Joseph vs. Nichols  (Read 9763 times)


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Jyles vs. Joseph vs. Nichols
« on: June 23, 2012, 08:14:31 PM »
Jyles, Joseph, Nichols. Nichols, Joseph, Jyles? Who will play pivot for The Edmonton Eskimos this season and future seasons to come? This has been the impossible question with no right firm answer since Eric Tillman did the unthinkable and uprooted Ricky Ray trading him to Toronto last December. Now the offseason is over as is the pre-season with the Eskimos and their quaterbacks underwhelmingly losing both games making them no closer to an answer. The first game saw Matt Nichols and the fourth man on the QB depth chart Jeremiah Masoli taking shifts through all four quarters. Hopes have been high in Eskimo camp this spring on Nichols but by all accounts he left fans, the coaching staff and Eskimo management wanting more. Was it the fact that he had none of the first unit offensive line, the first unit receiving core nor Hugh Charles the man penciled in to start in the back field taking over from Jerrome Messam? Hard to say really I felt that Nichols showed poise in the pocket and used his feet when needed and had the arm strength to complete all the passes.  However wether rookie receivers were missing routes or Nichols didn't quite read the coverages properly his completion average and ability to move the offense downfield did not translate well from the rigors of training camp to the proverbial live bullets of a real game.

In the second game we finally got to see the supposed big piece of the return on "The Ray Trade" Steven Jyles.  Again I feel everyone attached to the Eskimo organization was left with more questions than answers by the time Jyles grabbed the clipboard for the rest of the game.  Again like Nichols in his first game he was largely ineffective in moving the offense and ultimately not scoring.  However unlike Nichols he has less excuses as the O-line was a lot closer to being the product they will present as the starting front five and while Adarius Bowman did not see action Fred Stamps did play the same snaps as Jyles as well as Hugh Charles.  So you have to question if he just needs more time to gel with the 1st team or if that potential will never be realized.  Next it was Kerry Joseph's turn to lead the offense and finally they seemed to find a little life.  Joseph was a little more on point than either of the other two but I don't see that as a positive. since that was when the egg on Eric Tillman's face came full circle.  Not only has his massive ego boosting trade potentially blown up in his face but the fact that "his" 38-year-old quarterback that he's toted around three franchises outstaged his Ricky Ray trade center piece looks bad, bad, bad on him.

So where do you go from here.  Do you hand over the reins to the ancient Joseph?  Do you start Jyles and hope he can play through the troubles and form some sort of chemistry with the rest of the starting offense?  Or do you get a jump-start on the future and give Nichols the keys to the Empire hoping he can be a suitable on-field apprentice?  To be fair I do not like any of these options on their own.  In my opinion Joseph has passed his expiry date while playing for the Argos and never should have been brought back west.  My hope was that Jyles was going to come to town healthy and ready to take first team reps.  This O-line and receiving corps likely being the best he's ever played with should have bolstered his potential but so far this theory of mine (and Tillman's for that matter) has not born any fruit.  Which leaves rookie Matt Nichols, obviously The Eskimos are thinking of Nichols in the same vein that The BC Lions thought of Travis Lulay last season and The Stampeders think of Drew Tate this season.  I can see what they see to be sure.  The young man has poise and good arm strength and from what I've read his gray matter's not bad either.  However last year he toiled on the practice roster so to move him right to a starters role I think would be foolish.  He needs more reps and more seasoning.  So give him just that a year to improve and lets see where he is this time next year.  As I said I am completely opposed to Kerry Joseph being the starter let alone donning green and gold silks.  At the 38 is he going to win us a Grey Cup?  Not likely so all he does being anything more than third string is become a road block for Nichols.  So as I see it that leaves Jyles.  There's going to be lots of ups and downs on this roller coaster ride this season and I don't really think there's much of a chance that the Eskies will etch their name on the 100th Grey Cup come November but Jyles is the only adequate option to get us through the season and marry the past to the future.  So there it is I'm calling it Jyles by default.

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