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July 05, 2022, 05:38:52 PM
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Author Topic: Free Agent Wishlist  (Read 10698 times)


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Free Agent Wishlist
« on: February 05, 2011, 12:01:40 PM »
It's not the most exciting crop of talent to ever reach the market, but there are a few potential diamonds out there that could be quite highly coveted and benefit from a bidding war.  Who's on your wishlist?

RB - Avon Cobourne remains unsigned by the Als and is a legitimate dual-threat out of the backfield.  As the only marquee RB out there, he's normally be in a position to capitalize, but I'm not sure that there are any teams in the market other than potentially BC and Sask, both of whom have RBs on the wrong side of 30... an affliction that Cobourne has as well however.

Rec - Aside from Bauman, there's very little out there for teams looking to address the position in a meaningful way.  Kelly Campbell will likely attract some attention but a team will be having to deal with a guy that seems to march to the beat of his own drummer and had an off-year with the dropsies.  His vertical threat is attractive, while (chronic?) hamstring issues temper that.  Seems to me like a classic Jim Barker reclaimation project and a guy that would benefit from a guy like Copeland.  Nicholson might get some interest as another former first-round draft pick.

OL - Archibald, the league's top OL last season, would seem to be the prize, despite his import status, but he'll likely warrant a chunk of change normally reserved for top NI talent.  There are a couple of veterans like O'Day or Haji-Rasouli that may or may not attract interest, and Alex Gauthier who likely will, but also won't come cheap.  Hudson might be a more affordable veteran option, but age is working against him too.

Intriguing guys are Ib Khan and Wayne Smith, two guys that were highly drafted, have battled injuries/health issues and have enough seasoning under their belts to be looked at as starting candidates entering the prime of their careers... a category that Brian Ramsay also likely falls into, though perhaps a little more under the radar.  Not sure if Joel Bell will attract attention as a guy earlier in his development or not.

QB - Chris Leak and Jarious Jackson are the only two out there and represent relatively opposite ends of the spectrum.  Leak is looking for an increased role after being behind Calivillo and McPherson in the Mtl pecking order, while Jackson's window to seize a starting role has likely come and gone.  I figure Jackson will stay put and Leak will likely be on the move.

DB - Some talent here for team needing immediate help, with Tisdale, Hefney and Anderson all looking like they'll hit the market.  None will likely change addresses for cheap, but if someone's got a little SMS room, they should be able to upgrade their secondary quickly.  Jason Goss, a former all-star, brings a lot of versatility, having played corner, half and safety and could be rejuvenated in the right system.  Shell may also attract some interest.  Lysack, Gallant, Nugent and Crawford offering varying degrees of NI depth and ST play.  I see the Esks being active to try and get one of the three as they look to upgrade on the corner.

LB - Lucas, Lobendahn and Guzman all represent somewhat intriguing options, with Lucas being more of a tweener body-type and the other two being more prototypical MLBs.  All of them play special teams as well and I would expect that each will attract some interest.  Intriguing, and more under the radar is St. Pierre, a NI MLB that has seen spot duty in Edmonton and doubles as a long-snapper.  Wouldn't be surprised to see him attract interest from the Southern Ontario teams.  I believe that Rey Williams will also be a free agent after trying the NFL last year, and there has been speculation of the former Rider landing in Edmonton (seems to be a bit of a pattern there, no?)

DL - Kevin Huntley would seem to be the prized guy here with Claybrooks also possibly getting some interest.  I don't think Belli is going anywhere if he decides to play another year.  |  TOTAL-CFL Discussion  |  Total Talk! (Moderator: GreatWhiteNorth)  |  Topic: Free Agent Wishlist

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