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Title: 2003 Grey Cup in Regina TotalCFL TV! More Riders TotalCFL TV!
Post by: Myk Aussie on November 20, 2013, 05:53:26 PM
The last time the Grey Cup was held in Regina was in 2003. I only just made it getting there on the Saturday with Fanny Anny Thraxy as we drove her car from Calgary. Every other year I get to Grey Cups on the Wed or Thursday or earlier.

Here are the TotalCFL TV shows we did in Regina at the 2003 Grey Cup. Note this was 10 years ago so the picture quality was obviously not as good then as it is currently on YouTube but hopefully you still enjoy.

Pt 1 of 3. With fans at 2003 CFL Grey Cup pregame.

Pt 2 of 3. At the CFL Grey Cup 2003.

Oh my! I didn't get there until Saturday but I made up for some lost time on the Monday night! My 1st and only ever appearance as a male stripper!
Pt 3 of 3. CFL Grey Cup. Entertaining Cwoc Charlotte. Hmmm!

More TotalCFL TV from a previous trip to Regina. Cwoc JJ Bones was amazing helping me and co hosting some of these shows!

Pt 1 of 2. In VVVVRegina for CFL Riders vs Lions.

Pt 2 of 2. In Regina for CFL Riders vs Lions game.

More TotalCFL TV/MYKwebTV from Regina and other Sask Riders content from Grey Cups. Scroll below the TV screen and click on "Play" It will automatically go back to the TV screen and play