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Title: Happy Fathers Day To My Dad #21
Post by: TheGreyCupTDChicken on June 20, 2010, 11:03:55 AM
This is going to be a special post to dedicated to my Dad on Fathers Day and there is a totally valid reason that I am putting it up on this sports related website.  You see my Dad from the day I was born gave me the gift of football.  Most Fathers and sons in this country share hockey as the sport they bond over but not my Dad and not my family.  I have pictures of me as a 1yr old dressed in a little yellow onesie with a tiny little sash that said Eskimos on it.  Fast forward 30 years and while the costumes may have changed and become more extravagant the love for my team and the sport of football has not changed and I owe that all to my Dad.  Through football my Dad has not only given me live long entertainment but he also while using the sport has given me some important life lessons.  As a youngster I had to struggle through an devastating player transaction when a player I liked and thought was really talented was traded in the prime of his career.  At that age it's difficult understanding the ins and outs of the game and player personnel moves.  My Dad explained to me that even though the player on the field had amazing talent he was a cancer in the locker room a selfish type player, bombastic on and off the field you know the type.  The lesson through football that my Dad taught me was that it's important to have morales, expectations and class and when you believe in those things you stick to your guns and never compromise.  It was a tough lesson to learn but it's stayed with me my whole life.  My Dad has been an Edmonton area football official for over 30 years.  He spent 6 years living a dream at The CFL level as an Umpire (he was #21) and another 6 years coaching the offensive line for my brothers and my high school football team.  All along the way he raised me right and shared the sport of football.  We continue to share wonderful moments in front of a TV or at one football stadium or another, infact we just shared our first 'road' Grey Cup in Calgary last year partying it up at The Spirit of Edmonton and it was memory I will never forget.  Our feel that our football bond will never weaken just like the love I have for my Pa.  So here you go Dad this blog's for you!
thank you for the memories young and old
thank you for all the lessons through the years
and thank you for the sport of football.

P.S. Happy Fathers Day to all the football Dads out there don't forget to pass on the legacy!